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Quarantine Café


Quarantine Café





Use a desktop computer or laptop. This website does not work on a mobile phone. On the iPad it only works on most recent models.


Chrome / Firefox


Use Chrome or Firefox, but not Safari!

Meeting someone?


Going to the cafe, having a drink, maybe you will meet someone?



Maybe late afternoon coming by or in the evening. An hour, or just 10 minutes. What you would like.



In a bar you are also able to see and hear each other. Don't share your personal information to a stranger. This is not what you would do if you just get to know someone. Just have a nice chit chat.



You are more than welcome if you are 18 and above. Everyone is welcome. Young and Old, just like in a normal café.




Quarantine Café is a small cafe, where's space for max 50 people. If it's too busy, just wait a minute outside. laughing




I'm not going to pay for visiting a café? Not necessary. It's FREE!


This morning I come across the Dutch online newspaper 'Algemeen Dagblad', that a teacher / artist in Amsterdam has started a quarantine café in the cyber ether. I had a great time with a lot of fun and curiosity with a dozen people, some of whom kept breathing gently behind their virtual lens cap. The eccentric in me had a blast, giving attention, tasting and receiving from sympathetic strangers who, like me, want to satisfy social hunger with eye contact and storytelling. We all have fun, compassion and attention to each other. Fast forward to what deeper layers of our shared human existence and how I have been meaningfully and warmly healthy here in Arizona for 34 years. And so also in this beautiful virtual room today! Thank you Maike, I'll hope see you soon in the digital pub again!